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Embark on a transformative journey with our recommended EFT tapping courses and training. Explore powerful techniques, heal emotions, and unlock your true potential.

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PTSD & Trauma and Healing Course Using EFT Tapping

Unleash Transformative Healing For Trauma & PTSD

Explore how early-age trauma shapes the brain, intensifying PTSD symptoms through neural plasticity. Dive into memory reconsolidation and its power to reshape fear-based memories. Experience rapid neutralization of trauma through Energy Psychology therapies. Witness over 80% rehabilitation rates in clinical trials. Unveil profound physical changes and lasting healing.

This course is delivered by EFT Universe.

Overcoming Insomnia Course

Sleep Better Using The Science of Overcoming Insomnia

The science-based course provides practical strategies to conquer sleep problems. With over 15 techniques, including exercises, postures, visualizations, and meditations, this program addresses common issues like difficulty falling asleep, poor sleep quality, early awakening, mid-night insomnia, lack of morning refreshment, and disturbing dreams. Expect immediate results and improved well-being.

This course is delivered by EFT Universe.

FibroClear Fibromyalgia Course Using EFT Tapping

‘FibroClear’ Empowered Self-Help for Fibromyalgia 

The 12-week online program for fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue utilizes EFT Tapping to manage pain, address emotions, and improve overall well-being. It covers various aspects such as pain reduction, emotional healing, self-esteem, fear management, and envisioning a positive future. Participants gradually build emotional resources and apply EFT techniques to their lives affected by these conditions.

This course is delivered by EFT Universe.

Money Beyond Belief Law of Attraction Program Using EFT Tapping

Harness the Law of Attraction With ‘Money Beyond Belief’

The program requires just 5 minutes and 49 seconds per day to cultivate a ‘wealth mindset’ continuously. By utilizing the power of tapping, you can release inner conflicts around money, attract money-making opportunities, transform your relationship with money, and heal your financial beliefs. The program aims to eliminate subconscious blocks and empower you to create the wealth you deserve.

This program is delivered by Brad Yates and Joe Vitale.

Money & Prosperity Series Using EFT Tapping

Magnetize Your Dreams, Money & Freedom

This self-paced course aims to help you address financial stress and attract more money and opportunities. The course focuses on cleaning out memories of financial stress and your triggers, undoing inherited poverty consciousness, and learning how to attract more money and opportunities. The course consists of three video workshops with a total duration of 6 hours and offers lifetime access, allowing you to move through the content at their own pace.

This course is delivered by Sonya Sophia.

Loving Relationships Now - EFT Tapping

Discover How to Rewire Your Brain for Lasting Love

This course provides hope for those struggling to find their desired relationship by emphasizing that lasting love is attainable through simple yet powerful skills. Participants experience significant transformations not only in their romantic relationships but also in all areas of their lives, showcasing the profound impact of rewiring the brain. The course consists of 12 comprehensive modules that explore the secrets of building and nurturing enduring love.

This course is delivered by EFT Universe.

EFT Tapping Practitioner Certification & Workshops

EFT Tapping Workshops with EFT Tapping Training Institute

EFT Workshops -Various Topics & Techniques

Discover transformative EFT workshops covering Matrix Reimprinting, trauma healing, and powerful techniques like Gentle Techniques for Intense Issues, Chasing the Pain, and the Movie Technique. Clear limiting beliefs, uncover core issues, address physical symptoms, and explore using EFT with children. Join Master Practitioners Alina Frank and Craig Weiner for these impactful workshops as part of your CPD as a conscientious practitioner.

This program is delivered by The EFT Tapping Training Institute

EFT Tapping Certification Program - ClinIcal EFT

Get Professionally Certified With Confidence

This comprehensive and Certification Program offers complete training from anywhere in the world, allowing you to learn at your own pace. Gain a deep understanding of all 48 Clinical EFT techniques and engage in live practice sessions to enhance your skills.

Upon graduation from EFT Universe, you’ll be equipped to work with clients in a new or existing practice, incorporating this transformative modality. Join other practitioners in becoming agents of change, helping people achieve greater health and happiness.

This program is delivered by EFT Universe

A woman working on a laptop with the words foundation eutaptics fasterft training.

Learn FasterEFT™ With Robert Gene Smith

Embark on a Transformative Journey with the ‘You Can Change Yourself’ Master Training. This course is the cornerstone of the groundbreaking eutaptics® FasterEFT™ training system, developed by Robert Gene Smith. Get ready to unlock the power within you and gain mastery over trauma, depression, anxiety, chronic illness, allergies, low self-esteem, fears/phobias, and more.

Whether you’re aiming to become a practitioner or seeking personal growth, this structured course provides you with the perfect foundation to embark on your journey towards self-improvement and healing.

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