Soul Truth Self-Awareness Card Deck


Enhance your EFT tapping practice with the Soul Truth card deck, designed to provide daily spiritual guidance and self-reflection. Each of the 55 cards offers a question to guide you towards unlocking your potential and living your soul’s purpose. Let your intuition guide you as you choose a card and tap on any emotions or blocks that come up during your meditation or journaling. Start your journey towards self-discovery and spiritual growth today with the powerful combination of EFT tapping and the Soul Truth card deck.


Experience a deeper connection with yourself and enhance your EFT Tapping practice with the Soul Truth card deck.

Each day, let your intuition guide you as you choose one or more cards from the deck. After reading the card, take time to tap, meditate or journal on the question to gain self-awareness and unlock your inner wisdom.

Your soul knows what you want and has the map to get there. With the right questions and soul-driven action, you can transform your life forever. Soul Truth offers spiritual guidance to unleash your potential and courageously live your soul’s sacred purpose.

With 55 cards included, the Soul Truth deck is the perfect tool to support your daily self-discovery journey. Embrace the power of Soul Truth and unlock your full potential today.

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